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In Cassidy's Care, Miracle Mile's ninth album, started life as an observation of the effects of the collapse of a relationship on a character who became known as Cassidy. It moved from there, possibly simultaneously, to become a novella (available to download to Kindle) and this suite of songs. Put like that it suggests concept album and the conceit of seventies art rock which it is emphatically not. No one, to my knowledge, was ever moved by the emotional depth of a Camel collection.

But this is a record of great heart, a combination of Trevor Jones' emotionally rich vocals and carefully wrought lyrics lovingly placed by  musical partner Marcus Cliffe into memorable melodic settings that fuse classic pop with modern textural production and moments that recall potent snippets from film and easy listening. I first listened, quite enraptured, some months before the official release date whilst speeding through Kent on a late night train and noting that the duo were 'orchestrating intensely personal emotions that you've possibly never endured'. I stand by that though the subject matter here, that of a failing relationship and the fallout, is close to home and this soundtrack brought a tear to the eye. Still can in fact. It is indeed fortunate that with the celebratory Beach Songs that there is a sense of reaching emtional dry land.

The simple fact is that over nine records Miracle Mile have continued to develop and Cassidy's Care adds to that growth. It is a wonderful thing indeed.  It may be a final paragraph cop out to suggest that the territory once occupied by Prefab Sprout, Crowded House, The Blue Nile et al has been all but abandoned these days and that Miracle Mile are the natural choice for all left longing by that abandonment but if it suggests purchase to the wary and elevates the band, rightfully, to the elevated status that I place those outfits in then it's a cop out I make gladly.

Steve Morris

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