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Jeremy Searle
Tuesday, 07 May 2013
Miracle Mile “In Cassidy’s Care”
meme records, 2013
Miracle Mile

Near-perfect collection of intelligent and moving pop

It’s a tricky thing getting albums by your heroes. Will it be any good? What if you think its rubbish, or arguably worse still, just “ok”? It’s made doubly worse with a Miracle Mile album. Most artists have peaks and troughs, so over time if you’re a fan your expectations are lessened somewhat because you’ve been disappointed before. You still hope but it’s a tempered hope. With Miracle Mile it’s different, because they haven’t missed a step on their previous new albums, or Trevor Jones’ solo work. The tension, the fear that the law of averages will kick in and this will be the dud, is frightening.

As deep as that valley of fear is, then so high is the mountain of relief when you listen to it and realise that somehow, they’ve done it again and another little masterpiece has been born. And relax. And enjoy. Facts? Well, “In Cassidy’s Care” is that unfashionable beast, a concept album. It charts its eponymous character’s life through a relationship break-up and a collapsing life out the other side. Ok, so similar things have been done by any number of artists so surely this is a rut not a road. Actually, it’s not. Jones is a master of language who somehow always finds the right word, the right rhyme, for every situation, capturing the essence of the moment and finding the truth at the heart of it. Marcus Cliffe clothes this in the most gorgeous and layered melodies and tunes to create a rich, sensual listen. In an age of hyperbole, where pretty much every new release has been hailed as perfect on somebody or other’s little corner of the web, and four and five star reviews are as common as a very common thing indeed, it’s often difficult for the truly outstanding to rise from the pack. “In Cassidy’s Care” IS truly outstanding, a musical and lyrical collection of thoughtful, intelligent, graceful and deeply moving music that you can return to again and again, with every rerun being as joyous as the first. Buy it now.

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