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Writers and thinkers debate and deny
While fighters and drinkers shake fists at the sky
Then there are the lovers who adore what they’re seeing
The giddy bewildering abundance of being

And they will bring fireworks to light up the sky
With their hopes and their dreaming
And the dreams they deny
Will light up the sky

Then it’s down, back down to the earth they despise
Where they’ve become earthbound by secrets and lies
It’s magic we crave; explosions of wonder
Make heavens above of the grey skies we’re under

So we will bring fireworks and light up the sky
With our hopes and our dreaming
And the dreams we deny
Will light up the sky

Though I can’t contain starlight or lasoo the moon
There’s fire in my pocket; delight coming soon
Punch drunk and giddy I lead with my chin
I’m done with defeat; let the victories begin

I will bring fireworks and light up the sky
With my hopes and my dreaming
And the dreams I deny
Will light up the sky

And I will bring fireworks
Then we will bring fireworks
So they will bring fireworks
That light up the sky

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