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Trevor Jones is back with his new solo album (he also produces music as part of Miracle Mile). He is joined on here by Marcus Cliffe (he plays the majority of the instruments on the album) who forms the other part of Miracle Mile, along with Melvin Duffy who adds a little country air to the proceedings on a couple of songs with his dobro and pedal steel playing.
He has lovely soothing vocal that makes the listener sit up and take notice. Songs about love and relationships, all done with minimal musical backing. ‘Phil The Hat’ is a single in waiting being the most instant song on the album and ‘Somewhere North Of Here’ with its pedal steel is simply divine. What makes Trevor Jones’s music stand out is not only the vocal, but that the listener can often relate to the lyrics and the melodies that often reveal more of themselves on repeated listens. Lucinda Drayton adds a soothing vocal to ‘Angelicana’ whilst ‘Pardon Me’ shows off Trevor Jones’s vocal well. The latter song is full of emotion in the song and the vocals. It is very hard to describe in words the emotive music Trevor Jones produces and I would highly recommend you try a song or two on his website. I would be very surprised if after listening to a couple of songs you didn’t get hooked onto his music!
You can order the album now directly off the website or it is officially released on 16th June. Either way make sure you get to hear this wonderful selection of songs.

Jason Ritchie

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