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Pardon Me

Pardon me for this intrusion
I know that it’s late in your night
But I’m stumbling into confusion
Something ‘round here isn’t right

There is a trail that I’ve followed
I can’t believe what I’ve found
My head and my heart rendered hollow
My feet don’t quite reach the ground

So pardon me for this intrusion
As I await dawn’s early light
Sleeping’s become an illusion
I dream awake: cold black and white

Don’t make it into a movie
I hear that again and again
But I can replay every detail
The how and the where and the when

The days are the same but no better
I don’t know my right from my wrong
What started out as a letter
Always ends up in a song

So pardon me for this intrusion
We both know where sorrow belongs
The love and the lust and the longing
Will always end up in our songs

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