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In Cassidy's Care: Reviews: R2: Jeremy Searle

The latest outing from perfect-pop purveyors Miracle Mile is actually a concept album. Fortunately the dragon, starship, wizard and damsel count is zero, as the narrative arc charts a relationship from beginning to end and beyond. It's not an original idea but it's brilliantly executed. Miracle Mile have been masters of intelligent, thoughtful, literate pop for many years and this is no different.
The songs are masterpieces of subtlety and observation clothed in sumptuous, lush melodies. There's genuine depth to the music and, far from just being an observer, the listener is fully engaged in the fate of the characters while, all the while, humming the irresistible tunes. Trevor Jones's vocals capture the anguish hope and despair of the protagonists while the music, rather than glossing over the surface, buoys up the words and enhances them. There's no particular song to single out - all would be highlights on lesser works.
'Underrated' is a word used of people who are anything but (see Richard Thompson). Miracle Mile are not only underrated, they're so far under the radar they're practically submerged and they deserve better.
This is one of the great records of 2013. Buy it and fall in love.

Jeremy Searle

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